Earth Engine Workshop

As part of the RRSW2018 meeting, on May 30 the Google Earth Engine crew will give a one-day hands-on seminar to present the novel tools and methods of their platform.

This workshop will take place at the Dept. of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Pavia (room E3, UNIPV science campus, via Ferrata 5 – I-27100 – Pavia, Italy).

The registration is free! The number of attendees is limited, so signup is required! Moreover, each attendee is expected to bring his/her own laptop (the room will be equipped with dedicated desks and wifi connection).

The workshop consists of two sessions.

  • Morning session (9AM to 1PM): A hands-on introduction to Google Earth Engine (EE-101)
    This session will start with an overview presentation of "What Is Earth Engine", followed by a hands-on workshop that takes participants through the basics of getting up and running with Earth Engine. You will learn how to perform complex, and large-scale tasks such as time-series compositing using the Earth Engine API and interactive development environment.
  • Afternoon session (2PM to 5PM): Earth Engine Intermediate (EE-102)
    A follow-on session to the EE-101. Users will learn how to perform multi-temporal supervised classification and simple data fusion across multiple sensors. Time-permitting, we will also explore time-series fitting (phenology).

Here's the link to the registration form.